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Warming to the task

The 40 page summary published this month by the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change makes some startling statements. The summary is the capstone of three major reports, 6 years of work and 30 years of experience in getting governments and scientists to clarify the likely outcomes of the increasing load of greenhouse gasses in our shared… (read more)

Fixing medicare

  Canadians are obsessed with health care.  Our publicly-funded system is one of a very few cultural differences (along with the length of our football fields) between ourselves and our great neighbours to the south. As such, medicare is a source of pride and identity.  Jeffrey Simpson has recently pointed out that this pride is… (read more)

Caring for the Boomers

Those born between 1910 and 1930 saw fit to raise a generation which could care for them in their old age.  Their children, the “Baby Boomers”, were not so far-sighted. Though the Earth has benefitted from the decrease in population growth in Western countries in the last 50 years and though we boomers have had less burdensome… (read more)

Consequences of Income Inequality

Income inequality can lead to several of the seven deadly sins.  Greed is a natural in a society where some people have much and many have little.  Unequal societies are also susceptible to Envy.  A particularly equal society can  bring about Sloth, the assumption that nothing  is really worth striving for. Today, I would like… (read more)

Sources of income inequality

One of the themes of last year’s Occupy protest was income inequality, focusing especially on how much wealth the top 1% of income earners controlled.  Income inequality has always been of interest in discussing what makes a fair society but economists also refer to income inequality when discussing what makes an efficient society.  An economy… (read more)